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Thomas B. Ramsden and Co. (Bradford) Ltd. is a family business with a proud history stretching back over 120 years. Originally founded in Bradford and Wakefield as a yarn spinner the company is now based in Guiseley on the north side of Leeds. We are predominately a hand knitting business and although we don`t spin anymore we do still retain a balling mill. We have 5 principle hand knitting yarn brands, erika knight, Wendy, Peter Pan, Twilleys of Stamford and Robin. We support our yarns with in house designs both in leaflet and book form. We also supply a range of haberdashery as well as traditional needlecraft and knitting/crochet kits.



Local ladies celebrate 100 years’ joint service

Two of Thomas B. Ramsden’s longest serving employees, local ladies Pat Jackson and Gwen Ellis, have notched-up 100 years’ service between them.

Pat Jackson joined the company, which was then known as Carter & Parker, as an office junior in September 1957, aged just 15. After learning the ropes, Pat took over as wages & personnel clerk, a role that she still holds today, and worked full-time up until 2007. Since then, Pat who has never had a day off sick in 60 years, has gradually reduced her hours but says that she has no plans to stop work any time soon. 

Gwen Ellis has worked for the company since leaving school in 1977. Following in the footsteps of a family member, Gwen started work as a yarn-picker before moving into a customer support role in 1995 and has continued in her role as company first-aider for over 30 years. Gwen, who still works full-time, also met her partner, David at work 28 years ago, and after they got engaged, they held a big party for friends and colleagues in the company warehouse.

Pat and Gwen have seen many changes over the years, including the Thomas B. Ramsden buy-out of Carter & Parker in 1992 and the move from manual to automated systems. They have fond memories of playing cricket and croquet outside on the lawn in the early days and practising their rock ‘n’ roll moves in the boiler-house after a colleague sneaked in a record player one dinnertime. 

They both agree that one of the best things about working for the company is the fun and friendly atmosphere and the great people they have met over the years, many of which, they are still in touch with today.


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